Packaging and delivering soap to my winning “Name that soap” winners today!  Tomorrow I will have the soap listed in shop…but for now, the gals who helped to name this new soap:

Unscented Tempest Cream was made live online and was the subject of a Plaid & Rose “name it!” contest in early June.

Congrats to Jodi & Rae Ann !

Plaid and Rose Tempest Cream tag
Unscented Tempest Cream was made live online and was the subject of a Plaid & Rose “name it!” contest in early June.


……Meanwhile, our children and aged get tossed aside and seem to be a last priority whilst everyone 20-60 bitch and moan about everything under the sun…..despite the fact that they, in fact, are the most catered to………

Personal Umph

What gets you up everyday?

What makes you tick?

What drives you to compete, excel…

What is your passion?

Do you have….IT?

I get up everyday with my weekly calendar in mind….it drives the life of my family and myself and my business.  It makes me tick, it reminds me that if I don’t do those things on that calendar that I have not met my goals, that I cannot excel and I cannot…gasp….be successful.  It is a book of paper with maddening squares that mock me if they are not filled with activity.  They scream at me if I decide to take a day off and just…*gasp*…relax.  Every delicious, masochistic square on that planner screams DO IT BITCH.




Local Gem

A Lupulin Brewing Co. Growler

I live in a town of about…oh…10K people.  There’s not really a whole lot here unless you need to get gas, get your hair did or if you have a bad tooth…but recently(about two years ago…give or take a month here or there)a micro brew called Lupulin Brewing Company set up shop here in town…and it has people buzzing!  As a soapmaker I grabbed a couple of growlers and made some soap…and now my beer soap is also being sold in shop as well.  You will find it on their merchandise wall!


Wow…we are halfway through July…halfway through summer break and so far, I’ve only missed about three days of this July challenge.  The whole challenge thing got me thinking about expectations and how not following through with those expectations can really mess up everything else.

Business these days is not just about where you operate and how you act, it’s also about how active you are online and how consistent AND how you talk to those who actually give a crap about what you talk about.  I’ve been at this since 2007 and I’ve seen the way online and offline business works….8 years of change and challenges.  And I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

But I keep trying….

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Wondering what to fill that box of Plaid & Rose 6-Pack Soap Box with?  Here’s a few ideas….

And of course then there is the beer soap….one of my favorites as it’s just so rich and creamy….

Have a great Thursday….the weekend is almost here!

Our little world is in turmoil….again.  It’s really nothing new and it looks like it will continue.  But the internet and the mainstream media makes it look and sound like it’s a whole new thing…which really gets people whipped up.

Nobody gets more whipped into a frenzy like the average individual who has access to wifi and cable.   Those who can’t fathom the horrific event in relation to the size of our country.  Those who think that swift and instantaneous justice is going to happen overnight.  Those who would rather go into action instantly instead of hearing the whole story.  Now I’m not saying that the feelings of confusion, anger, sadness and the need for justice are unwarranted…because goddammit, they are….but what I am saying is…slow the roll for one hot second.

Okay, I know what you’re going to say…..’but we know the whole story…it’s right before our very eyes…the news reported it so that is it.  AND IT IS OUR RIGHT.’

Well….yes.  But there is a very big NO in there.  My no is seeing people walk out of their doors and form a mob, that then throws fireworks, rebar, and chunks of concrete over a fence in an obvious attempt to hurt and maim.  My no is blocking highways so our emergency system has to find other routes…which results in delays.  My no is making a mess that looks like hell around and in a demonstration site.

You have the right to be outraged.  You have the right to speak your mind.  You even have the right to peaceful protest.  But once you start acting like a crazed fool, that’s when I withdraw my support.

We are adults, after all.

(We are the change but that change will only come with educating ourselves and learning how to communicate and act.  We need to use our words and not our fists. It is only through this that we can come together…..)—-I honestly cannot remember where I heard this but I heard it from somewhere…..

The Wait is (almost) Over….

Remember a few weeks ago when I made this soap live on Facebook and then had a contest and two people won a free bar of soap…this soap?  (if you missed it click here)

Well next week those two winners of this soap will get their bars of Tempest Cream before I list it online….so be on the lookout…Tempest Cream will go live sometime next week on Plaid & Rose!


Soap History 101

If you are like me you wonder just how things began…like…who decided that underwear was a good idea, or, who started using soap?  I often imagine a woman from long long ago walking with a big basket of animal fat and tripping into a long used woodfire…and thus voila the villagers discovered that after a hard rain and that woodfire was lathering up, that it would be something great to bathe with….

Okay, that is just my imagination…but I really wonder if that is how it all began.  But to really get to when soap started, there is this great website Soap History that pretty much gives the low down on when soap actually started…as I have seen some website claim that the colonials were the first purveyors of the soap bubble.