A Pre-Holiday Why

After much reflection I finally decided that it was time that I wrote this particular post.  It may inflame some, but I hope it explains to you, the lover of all things handcrafted, why on earth I present things the way I do.

I make soap from scratch.  It contains simple ingredients of oils, butters, water(sometimes beer), lye, a fragrance or essential oil(sometimes both, sometimes neither) and a lab created mica that is soap and body safe.  That is it.  I make my soap from scratch.  It cannot cure the common flu.  It cannot cure skin problems.  It cannot make you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What my handmade soap CAN do is give you a great bathing/shower experience.  Since the soap has no harsh chemicals(in the end product), contains no surfactants, parabens, dimethicone(or anything that ends in cone), or food chunks, the soap can get you clean.  And, if not used right away can be stored in a linen closet for years to come.

Why do some make skin and medical claims about their products and I do not?

Because I follow FDA regulations that simply state:  if you are producing a product that simply cleanses the skin, you cannot make any cosmetic or medical claims that indicates that your soap does anything else for the consumer….except to simply cleans the skin.

I cannot speak as to why some make claims.  I know it brings them sales.  And good for them for being able to sell a handmade product in a glutted market full of soap and cosmetics(anything else that is not soap).  However, as a consumer, you should know that soap cannot cure eczema.  It cannot change your life.  But it can get you clean.

That is all.  If you have any particular questions or comments about this particular topic, please feel free to share them!


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