To Pop Up….Or No

I’ve a modest shop.  You might have heard of it.  It’s called Plaid & Rose.  I have been working on my website for over a year…adding features, taking away features….

The major feature I want to talk about today is pop ups.  To have, or not.  To irritate (and yet, entice and intrigue), or forge ahead and keep building that email subscription list.

I don’t mind pop ups.  To me, they are an opportunity to get a coupon, or learn more about a business that I just discovered.  When I placed an email signup pop up on my shop, I promised no coupon, but I did promise exclusive deals, and delivered on that.  However, I have heard from many(mostly people in my industry) that pop ups are irritating and they cause people to click out of a shop and….go away.  I feel like it increased my subscriber list by 120%.

So perhaps the way I feel about pop ups are how most people feel?

How do you feel about pop ups?

To pop up or not…..


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