To Pop Up….Or No

I’ve a modest shop.  You might have heard of it.  It’s called Plaid & Rose.  I have been working on my website for over a year…adding features, taking away features….

The major feature I want to talk about today is pop ups.  To have, or not.  To irritate (and yet, entice and intrigue), or forge ahead and keep building that email subscription list.

I don’t mind pop ups.  To me, they are an opportunity to get a coupon, or learn more about a business that I just discovered.  When I placed an email signup pop up on my shop, I promised no coupon, but I did promise exclusive deals, and delivered on that.  However, I have heard from many(mostly people in my industry) that pop ups are irritating and they cause people to click out of a shop and….go away.  I feel like it increased my subscriber list by 120%.

So perhaps the way I feel about pop ups are how most people feel?

How do you feel about pop ups?

To pop up or not…..


I’m Just Not That Into You….

Lately I’ve broken my rule to not talk about politics because I just cannot help myself.  But let’s be honest.  Do people who hang out on social media want to really have a constructive and educated lively discussion?

I’ve come to understand that people these days do not, in fact want to have a constructive conversation about anything.  The answer, simply, is they are simply not into anything you have to say, but they’re all about what they have to say.

So I’m backing up my truck so to speak and getting back to something that really makes me happy…


….and I’ll be doing this all night and all next week too.