Let’s Shift….

Ahhhhh it is August!  Just 4 1/2 weeks left and mini me will be in High School!  It also means, that when that happens, the soap making commences, I can clean the house in my underthings, and I can throw open the windows and sing the Sound of Music to my new unaware neighbors(and I’ll do it at 6 am on a Saturday just to get in some much deserved revenge!)

*pause here while I get back on track….*

It’s not that I don’t like to make soap when my daughter is around, in fact she finds the whole thing quite fascinating and “cool”.  But we are busy bees in the summer and it’s just not a good time to put everything on hold whilst I bang out 35 pounds of soap…

August also brings with it some of the hottest, muggiest weather imaginable to Minnesota and 3/4 of the United States.  But it also means that fall is right around the corner, which, is my fave time of year.  Not because of pumpkin everything, which btw…ew.  But because it gets cooler.  You can leave your windows open at night and during the day the sun is low and slow.  If everyday could be 80’s during the day and 50’s at night…I’d be a happy camper.

But I digress.  As if this post were not random enough…here are a few of my early August faves.  And, your welcome.



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