Dear Seasoned Driver,

To the gentleman who stopped in the Big Lake Thrift store/Tootsies Bar parking lot yesterday, July 27th at approx. 2:30 in the afternoon, I want to thank you for hurling assaults at me from your Big White truck driver’s side window.  I want to thank you for thinking that everyone should drive 20 miles an hour, never switch lanes….and obviously you were so busy watching me drive that you forgot the correct way to park in a parking lot.

You see, because you started off your tirade assuming I was a stupid woman, you lost me the minute you started.  Had you wanted to be constructive and just let me know I was being maybe a little reckless(which I was not, btw)….we could of had a nice chat.

As you drove away I said, because I am polite, “I’m sorry, sir”…to which you cut me off and said, “yeah, you are a sorry excuse!”

I’m sorry….I know we all have busy lives, stresses, personal issues, but that does not excuse hurling insults at people.  And I’m not just talking about yesterday’s incident, I’m talking about everyday life, in person, on the internet.  People have really forgotten how to communicate in a constructive and polite manner.  The older gentleman who proceeded to school me by hurling insults obviously thought I was a teenager as I had no makeup on and my hair was in a ponytail.  If I had been an older gal of 60+ would he have treated me that way?  I don’t know.

All I do know is I’ve seen a lot of rudeness lately, and it quite frankly really pisses me off.  Before you hurl an insult or start yelling at people, why not find out what the problem is.  If you cannot be nice…move on.  Don’t assume that you are the master of all things.

So, not so kind sir, this 47 year old mother of a teenager, stepmother of three, and a grandmother to two would like you to know that not only are you the most rudest human being I have ever come in contact with, but you might do yourself a favor and suck on a few sweets to get rid of that sourness that you think is helpful.  Do the world a favor and just drive on.  Your words are unhelpful, you knew nothing of the situation going on at the time, and quite honestly, I’m sure you stopped about 4 more people before heading out of town.  Or, maybe you just needed an excuse to vent because your family leaves the room when you start in because you don’t block them with your truck.

Just sayin.


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