One More Week

Although I can’t say that I will be sad when this month is over, I have learned a ton from doing this little experiment that I called a self inflicted blog challenge.  I think I only missed 4 days this month, which was pretty good.  Will I ever blog this much again?  Probably not.  And here is why…

Over the past three weeks I blogged almost every day.  I tried to keep the focus on my business, but if you have been following my daily posts you will notice that I went into other avenues as well.  I posted quotes, pictures, a whiny post about, and just nonsense.  Of all those posts, I had the most likes and traffic to my website when I posted the Martin Luther King Quote.  I got comments on none of my posts except for the Whiny post about blogging…..which…I don’t know if that says something about society’s need to comfort and reinforce, or….?  And the truly interesting statistic comes when I look at my posts about my soap and see not only are there no likes, but there is no traffic as well.

Bear in mind that I also link my posts to my facebook page and twitter, google + and pinterest.

I did manage to gain 8 new followers to this blog….and I thank you for following along.

Now, while all of this is fascinating, I think it also tells a tale about social media, sharing, blogging and just how present you have to be to see real results.  I am of the opinion these days that I would literally have to have a team of 100 minions in my home on a daily basis, taking pictures that are Martha Stewart fresh and worthy, to do all my social media on the hour every hour, and crank out new product every season like clockwork.  Hmmm….

Maybe this will be my next challenge.  I am going to work like 100 minions next month!  I am going to schedule my photoshooting days, and then do nothing but social media bomb the earth with my business goodness.

We shall see what happens then…..


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