Our little world is in turmoil….again.  It’s really nothing new and it looks like it will continue.  But the internet and the mainstream media makes it look and sound like it’s a whole new thing…which really gets people whipped up.

Nobody gets more whipped into a frenzy like the average individual who has access to wifi and cable.   Those who can’t fathom the horrific event in relation to the size of our country.  Those who think that swift and instantaneous justice is going to happen overnight.  Those who would rather go into action instantly instead of hearing the whole story.  Now I’m not saying that the feelings of confusion, anger, sadness and the need for justice are unwarranted…because goddammit, they are….but what I am saying is…slow the roll for one hot second.

Okay, I know what you’re going to say…..’but we know the whole story…it’s right before our very eyes…the news reported it so that is it.  AND IT IS OUR RIGHT.’

Well….yes.  But there is a very big NO in there.  My no is seeing people walk out of their doors and form a mob, that then throws fireworks, rebar, and chunks of concrete over a fence in an obvious attempt to hurt and maim.  My no is blocking highways so our emergency system has to find other routes…which results in delays.  My no is making a mess that looks like hell around and in a demonstration site.

You have the right to be outraged.  You have the right to speak your mind.  You even have the right to peaceful protest.  But once you start acting like a crazed fool, that’s when I withdraw my support.

We are adults, after all.

(We are the change but that change will only come with educating ourselves and learning how to communicate and act.  We need to use our words and not our fists. It is only through this that we can come together…..)—-I honestly cannot remember where I heard this but I heard it from somewhere…..


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