Challenges Suck

Well…okay, before you say geesh…wt—-….let me just be perfectly clear here.  I missed blogging yesterday.  But not because of anything else than the simple fact that I was indeed doing other things…yes.  Let’s just stick to that.

(Actually….I was busy writing a newsletter for Plaid & Rose…it’s my once a month hello to the world(well okay, people who subscribe to my newsletter).  If you’re not on that list…you’re missing out.  Just sayin’.)

But challenges really do suck.  Why?  Because you have to stick to them or you’re a failure.  Right?  There’s no…oh I’ll just take today off and it won’t bother me.  Right?

WRONG.  I thought about my blog ALL DAY LONG yesterday.  I thought about the challenge I had set for myself, and I saw how it actually brought traffic to my awesome soap shop…and I thought.

I should really blog.

So there you have it.

So today I’m back on track and the challenge sucks less.  If anything I have learned to carve out a little time even when busy with other things.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Challenges Suck

  1. Succeeding at goals you set yourself is very satisfying; it gives you a sense of your own power and ability. But equally helpful (maybe more) is working toward a goal and falling short. Noticing what you say to yourself when you “fail,” how you respond, is illuminating and prepares you better for moving forward so that things, as you say, “suck less.” You’ve already learned that you’re more comfortable thinking of blogging as an important part of customer outreach, not as a chore or an afterthought. Hurray! That doesn’t sound like failure to me!


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