It’s July Ya’ll!

Yay it’s July!  And…wow where in the hell did June go?  Is it just me or did that month just whiz by really fast?!

Anyway, the beginning of July also means that I am blogging every damn day.  That is right!  EVERY DAY.  I made this challenge for myself because I’m not much of a blogger, but I do like to share…so….yeah.

I thought I would share with you today a few links of the social media world where I particularly love to spend my time.

Instagram is a love of mine.  There’s really some fantastic accounts on there that have taken curating a page full of beautiful pictures to a whole new level.  One page in particular is owned by tattoo queen and artist extraordinaire Kat Von D.  She also has a personal account that is pretty kick ass too.

Pinterest has been kind of an enigma to me.  I used to just make random boards and hope people would follow them…now I’m trying to put up a cool flow of boards.  There are a lot of people/companies on Pinterest who really do a beautiful job, but Urban Decay has really taken their branding on Pinterest to a whole new level….I not only love their makeup, but I love their boards as well.

And of course, who can forget Facebook.  Now, honestly, I think Facebook is a huge time suck.  They have an interesting algorithm going on over there that makes you really have to study a lot of analytics, times to post, your follower metrics and all that crap to be something on Facebook.  It’s an Advil inducing nightmare over there.  The one thing I do enjoy about Facebook though?  Their live streaming which just recently started.  I utilized this last month with my live soapmaking session.  Recently I was introduced to a page that not only makes me giggle…but is clever too.  I’m talking about Chronicker Photography which also has another page called The Whimsical Woodsman and Friends.

And now of course I thought I would share with you my links to my social media!  Then, don’t forget to tell me about your social links.

Instagram:  @plaidandrose

Facebook:  @plaidandrose

Pinterest:   @plaidandrose




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