Weekend Faves

July is almost over, which means the special on the 6 pack cases is almost over as well!  I get a lot of people who ask…

“Dee, which soap would you choose?”

I’ll show you now~Enjoy!

I highly recommend choosing two of either the Juneau or Wanderlust…you are definitely going to want another one right away after using the first one!


Dear Seasoned Driver,

To the gentleman who stopped in the Big Lake Thrift store/Tootsies Bar parking lot yesterday, July 27th at approx. 2:30 in the afternoon, I want to thank you for hurling assaults at me from your Big White truck driver’s side window.  I want to thank you for thinking that everyone should drive 20 miles an hour, never switch lanes….and obviously you were so busy watching me drive that you forgot the correct way to park in a parking lot.

You see, because you started off your tirade assuming I was a stupid woman, you lost me the minute you started.  Had you wanted to be constructive and just let me know I was being maybe a little reckless(which I was not, btw)….we could of had a nice chat.

As you drove away I said, because I am polite, “I’m sorry, sir”…to which you cut me off and said, “yeah, you are a sorry excuse!”

I’m sorry….I know we all have busy lives, stresses, personal issues, but that does not excuse hurling insults at people.  And I’m not just talking about yesterday’s incident, I’m talking about everyday life, in person, on the internet.  People have really forgotten how to communicate in a constructive and polite manner.  The older gentleman who proceeded to school me by hurling insults obviously thought I was a teenager as I had no makeup on and my hair was in a ponytail.  If I had been an older gal of 60+ would he have treated me that way?  I don’t know.

All I do know is I’ve seen a lot of rudeness lately, and it quite frankly really pisses me off.  Before you hurl an insult or start yelling at people, why not find out what the problem is.  If you cannot be nice…move on.  Don’t assume that you are the master of all things.

So, not so kind sir, this 47 year old mother of a teenager, stepmother of three, and a grandmother to two would like you to know that not only are you the most rudest human being I have ever come in contact with, but you might do yourself a favor and suck on a few sweets to get rid of that sourness that you think is helpful.  Do the world a favor and just drive on.  Your words are unhelpful, you knew nothing of the situation going on at the time, and quite honestly, I’m sure you stopped about 4 more people before heading out of town.  Or, maybe you just needed an excuse to vent because your family leaves the room when you start in because you don’t block them with your truck.

Just sayin.

One More Week

Although I can’t say that I will be sad when this month is over, I have learned a ton from doing this little experiment that I called a self inflicted blog challenge.  I think I only missed 4 days this month, which was pretty good.  Will I ever blog this much again?  Probably not.  And here is why…

Over the past three weeks I blogged almost every day.  I tried to keep the focus on my business, but if you have been following my daily posts you will notice that I went into other avenues as well.  I posted quotes, pictures, a whiny post about blogging..lol, and just nonsense.  Of all those posts, I had the most likes and traffic to my website when I posted the Martin Luther King Quote.  I got comments on none of my posts except for the Whiny post about blogging…..which…I don’t know if that says something about society’s need to comfort and reinforce, or….?  And the truly interesting statistic comes when I look at my posts about my soap and see not only are there no likes, but there is no traffic as well.

Bear in mind that I also link my posts to my facebook page and twitter, google + and pinterest.

I did manage to gain 8 new followers to this blog….and I thank you for following along.

Now, while all of this is fascinating, I think it also tells a tale about social media, sharing, blogging and just how present you have to be to see real results.  I am of the opinion these days that I would literally have to have a team of 100 minions in my home on a daily basis, taking pictures that are Martha Stewart fresh and worthy, to do all my social media on the hour every hour, and crank out new product every season like clockwork.  Hmmm….

Maybe this will be my next challenge.  I am going to work like 100 minions next month!  I am going to schedule my photoshooting days, and then do nothing but social media bomb the earth with my business goodness.

We shall see what happens then…..


Packaging and delivering soap to my winning “Name that soap” winners today!  Tomorrow I will have the soap listed in shop…but for now, the gals who helped to name this new soap:

Unscented Tempest Cream was made live online and was the subject of a Plaid & Rose “name it!” contest in early June.

Congrats to Jodi & Rae Ann !

Plaid and Rose Tempest Cream tag
Unscented Tempest Cream was made live online and was the subject of a Plaid & Rose “name it!” contest in early June.

Personal Umph

What gets you up everyday?

What makes you tick?

What drives you to compete, excel…..love?

What is your passion?

Do you have….IT?

I get up everyday with my weekly calendar in mind….it drives the life of my family and myself and my business.  It makes me tick, it reminds me that if I don’t do those things on that calendar that I have not met my goals, that I cannot excel and I cannot…gasp….be successful.  It is a book of paper with maddening squares that mock me if they are not filled with activity.  They scream at me if I decide to take a day off and just…*gasp*…relax.  Every delicious, masochistic square on that planner screams DO IT BITCH.




Local Gem

A Lupulin Brewing Co. Growler

I live in a town of about…oh…10K people.  There’s not really a whole lot here unless you need to get gas, get your hair did or if you have a bad tooth…but recently(about two years ago…give or take a month here or there)a micro brew called Lupulin Brewing Company set up shop here in town…and it has people buzzing!  As a soapmaker I grabbed a couple of growlers and made some soap…and now my beer soap is also being sold in shop as well.  You will find it on their merchandise wall!


Wow…we are halfway through July…halfway through summer break and so far, I’ve only missed about three days of this July challenge.  The whole challenge thing got me thinking about expectations and how not following through with those expectations can really mess up everything else.

Business these days is not just about where you operate and how you act, it’s also about how active you are online and how consistent AND how you talk to those who actually give a crap about what you talk about.  I’ve been at this since 2007 and I’ve seen the way online and offline business works….8 years of change and challenges.  And I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

But I keep trying….

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Wondering what to fill that box of Plaid & Rose 6-Pack Soap Box with?  Here’s a few ideas….

And of course then there is the beer soap….one of my favorites as it’s just so rich and creamy….

Have a great Thursday….the weekend is almost here!