Self Inflicted July Challenge

Believe it or not, but it seems like I remember someone telling me that blogging was dead(this was several years ago…and I’m pretty sure it was some sort of media expert…hmmmm)…and it seemed like there was a time when blogging was almost dead…almost.  However the world of video bloggers and bloggers who do reviews have really revived the whole blogging world.  Also…there are so many ways to blog and people just cannot resist sharing and opining.

Yesterday, whilst looking at my traffic report to Plaid & Rose, I discovered something…the whole week of the day I blogged traffic went up 100% to my store.   I’ve been struggling to stay consistent with the blogging…so I decided to challenge myself…and you can join along with me!

For the whole month of July…one blog post a day for 31 days.

Yeah…it really is going to be that simple.  Now, for me, I am going to challenge the theory that just posting a few sentences will bring in as many viewers as opposed to posting a full-on informational post with pictures.  I’ll also be measuring what social media platforms bring in the most viewers as I like to share my blog all over kingdom-come.

So…feel free to join me and let me know how it is going for you!


2 thoughts on “Self Inflicted July Challenge

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