Spring & Beer

Spring is always a promise of fresh and new.  I love spring not only for this reason, but, here in Minnesota spring tends to be a total toss up of how the weather is from hour to hour.

This spring I have been neglectful of the blogging!  It was not intentional….I simply was wearing too many hats.  My 10 year old house was getting some upgrades, I enrolled in an online course, and I picked up a location in town for my beer soap!


Polarnattens Paradis Coffee & Anise Beer Soap

I am proud to announce that not only can you find my awesome beer soap on the website, but if you are in the Big Lake area, stop into Lupulin Brewery and Taproom…pick up a growler and some Plaid & Rose soap!  All of my beer soap is made with beer exclusively sourced from Lupulin….they have great beer!


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