Beer For Breakfast…..

There is something mystical and wonderful about craft beer.  It is usually hoppy, and the flavors are usually pretty specific to the area where it is being produced.  When you combine a craft beer with soap batter however?  Well…of course then you have the cadillac of soaps.

People often ask why beer soap?  Is there much difference between regular soap and beer soap?

Yes there is.


Citra Red Soap featuring local brewery & taphouse Lupulin Brewing  Citra Red Beer

The number one reason why anyone would add beer to their soap batter is simply this: beer has this quality to it that makes your hair shine(so yes…go ahead and lather your hair up!).  It makes the lather dense and thick, it’s foamy and rich…and it doesn’t get you drunk…..

Simply put, if you haven’t tried beer soap you really should.  It’s the best way to have beer in your morning shower!

And no…you don’t end up smelling like a brewery afterwards……Even though I do not artificially scent my beer soap with fragrances, there is a slight nutty and hoppy scent to them, but again, since this is a rinse off product, that doesn’t stay with you…and your shower won’t smell like an old brew house either.

Citra Red(left), Polarnattans Paradis(top and lower right)

I always love to chat with my customers!  Have questions about beer soap or any of the other soaps I offer?  Shoot me a note!



How to Use Handmade Soap

When I first thought about writing this post I kind of giggled a little.  And you are probably saying…well duh….but handmade soap is not like that mass produced store bought soap you can get in multi packs.  First time users are usually left scratching their heads and saying…this wasn’t what I thought it would be at all…so for you, my dear reader, if you are holding a bar of soap in your hands right now, and it is handmade….just humor me and take note for a few minutes.

So You Took The Plunge and Bought Handmade….

That is fantastic!  Here are a few steps to ensure that your handmade bar of soap not only lasts longer than a couple of days, but also serves you well in the shower…

Step 1.    Your handmade bar of soap is made with oils, water, fragrances, colorants, and a   chemical called Lye(aka sodium hydroxide, be on the lookout next week for a riveting installment as to why handmade soap needs lye).  Because your handmade bar of soap does not contain surfactants, or cheap fillers, your soap is going to be vulnerable to water….so make sure you have a soap tray or dish in your shower that allows for great drainage.  Oh, and by the way, if you have a leaky shower head, do not leave your soap under it!  Handmade soap melts…yes melts under constant water contact!


Step 2.    Getting a new bar of handmade soap is exciting!  But, unless that bar has been        wiped down with a damp cloth by the maker, that soap will stick to your body the first time it is used like a magnet!  Why?  Because cured soap has pores, and it also has glycerine(and…glycerine is attracted to water!).  Your soap is going to stick to everything it can the first time it is used, because the surface is not sealed!  So, to combat this, wet and lather your new soap and let it dry overnight.  The next day…move to step 3!


Step 3.    Let’s get clean!  You and your soap are now ready for a date in the shower!


Step 4.    You’re all clean and feeling pretty special!  But wait…before you get out of that   shower, make sure that soap is in that soap tray we talked about in step 1!


Step 5.     Congratulations!  You are now a handmade soap user!  Right now I’ll bet you’re     tempted to run around and tell everyone about it….but first…let’s get dressed!

And that is it!  Great handmade soap is so worth taking care of, as it will take care of you.  For any questions about handmade soap, and why it is different and why you should buy it forever instead of that store bought stuff…feel free to email me…let’s chat!


Spring & Beer

Spring is always a promise of fresh and new.  I love spring not only for this reason, but, here in Minnesota spring tends to be a total toss up of how the weather is from hour to hour.

This spring I have been neglectful of the blogging!  It was not intentional….I simply was wearing too many hats.  My 10 year old house was getting some upgrades, I enrolled in an online course, and I picked up a location in town for my beer soap!


Polarnattens Paradis Coffee & Anise Beer Soap

I am proud to announce that not only can you find my awesome beer soap on the website, but if you are in the Big Lake area, stop into Lupulin Brewery and Taproom…pick up a growler and some Plaid & Rose soap!  All of my beer soap is made with beer exclusively sourced from Lupulin….they have great beer!